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Welcome to the Sinblr!

We are Sinblers - there is much of us! Join us & explore our ventures!

Sinblr is an adult-oriented social network for kinky & sexy minded people. Before signing up & making your first post, please read our terms & conditions below. Be sure that you are over 18 years old, before entering this website.

What is Sinblr?

Sinblr is a micro blogging porn network. We started as home to all previous Tumblr users that were pushed of the site, by their new NSFW policies. You can post your photos, videos and stories. For that reason, we have increased the default character limit of posts to much higher count.

Sinblr is an open community that is home for every person regardless of their fetish or tendency. That is why, we do not condone racial or political slurs and hate speech and mandate everyone to tag their content appropriately!

✔️ Up to 10.000 characters!

✔️ Custom Emoji

✔️ Sinblr supports variety of media formats for post - PNG, JPG, WebM, MOV, MP4, GIF, OGG, Wav, Mp3 & FLAC

✔️ Sinblr have two moderators to maintain server's infrastructure.

✔️ Your data is SAFE with us. We DO NOT sell our user data to any third party application. To find out more, visit our Privacy Policy page.


These are our main rules. Breaking these will get your account suspended.

  • DO NOT post any kind of illegal content.
  • DO NOT post content of depictions of children or anything related to them.
  • DO NOT post content of necrophilia or death.
  • DO NOT spam.
  • DO NOT bully.
  • DO NOT use racism or hate speech.
  • DO NOT abuse unknown bugs or glitches.
  • DO NOT abuse other community members.
  • DO NOT post gore, injuries of ANY sort, fatalities, suicide, animal abuse or torture.


  • Please REPORT toots not following these rules.
  • Please REPORT any possible bugs, glitches or security issues to admins ASAP.
  • Please use proper Hashtags related to your content.
  • Please use the CW (Content-Warning) function to flag your toots if related to taboos or more extreme content.

Sinblr prohibits use of automated user accounts & scripted mass boosting until further notice. Any form of spam, force follow, boost or any other interaction will get your account suspended. Do note that this action is irreversible & will not be acquainted again.

In any case of server shutting down, we will notify our users 3 months before the shut down to avoid as much confusion & user data loss as possible.

Help & Support

If you have anymore questions, suggestion or feedback, please contact administratos via Direct messeging or eMail - [email protected]

Since December 06, 2018