Zombie voters wanting Biden over Trump will help get us Trump 2 next election:

Voting for the lesser of two evils over and over again until you have a very evil country is insane, but that's what's happened. The U.S. is extremely corrupt, so if you elect another corrupt politician like Biden, you will only further that corruption.

"But Swift, there are only two choices, and both are bad!" But that's not true. Howie Hawkins of the Green Party appears to be a good candidate, certainly a million times better than Biden or Trump, especially if he has real principles and isn't lying about what he says he believes. If everyone pushed hard advocating for Howie Hawkins, and got him more visibility, there could still be time enough for him to win. Not having ranked choice voting is hurtful, but the barrier there is largely a mental one because if many Americans committed to voting for him if it looked like he could win and stopped believing in this insane "you must vote for Biden no matter what" lie, then we could have a third party winner.

If we tried, but we just couldn't convince hardly anyone to understand that they should vote for an actual good candidate over a turd, so we knew he was going to lose, should we then vote for Biden under that circumstance? Yes, because if we are absolutely sure that there is ONLY evil or lesser evil, then sure voting for lesser evil is better. But the problem is a mental one: politics requires movements, and movements require being optimistic and thinking that there is a chance. When you tell everyone that the only choices are Biden or Trump, you're creating a chilling effect that rains on the parade of any strong political movement for electing anyone else. The mere existence of the "lesser of two evils" mantra in the culture of Americans is a built-in chilling effect against third parties, and exactly what the establishment wants.

If Biden is elected, things will get worse, and that will add more fuel for more demagogues like Trump for the next elections. It will also hopefully add fuel to pushing for a revolution since it will become increasingly clear that "just voting" isn't working. That playing by the rules of a corrupt system where most all the levers of power have been seized by the rich and powerful can't lead to an overthrowing of that system that may no longer be capable of self-reformation.

Is it just me, or is the actual video itself gone?

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I want it I need it (Death Heated)
Death Grips

[Verse 2: MC Ride]
As you keep getting higher
Lights look like they're on fire
Soon all that’s left of you
Is your most primal desires
Ass clappin', dick suckin', lock the door to the bathroom – quick fuckin'
Find a whore and it could happen
But it's nothin', cause you're drunk and you'll be blackin' out
Before you even get a chance to think 'bout what you're doing

Fuck a line, every time
Get in, get a drink, and lose our minds
All eyes on the dime

[Hook 1]
I want it I, I need it, need it to make me feel heated
Shake it, can't take it, must break it
Break if off, yeah, what'd I say bitch?
I want it I, I need it, need it to make me feel heated
Shake it, can't take it, must break it
Break if off, yeah, what'd I say bitch?
I want it I, I need it, need it to make me feel heated
Shake it, can't take it, must break it
Break if off, yeah, what'd I say bitch?

Demagogue foments murder while feigning oppression and patriotism

While stoking division and encouraging the murder of Americans who are protesting the murder of Americans, while being anti-patriotic by making Secret Service members contract Covid-19 by holding unsafe rallies in the middle of a pandemic, while proving that he's a fascist in league with big business and the rich, while revealing again and again that he's an anti-American anti-patriot racist white supremacist Nazi (remember them, the ones whom the U.S. went to war against?), and while standing up for the Confederate traitors who lost the civil war, Trump can't stop claiming that he's the real victim, patriot, and anti-fascist.

It's a real shame that hardly anyone seems to be talking about third party candidate options running against the horrible Biden and Trump, since Biden winning means four more years of the shitty status quo. Sure, it'll be the inwardly systemic racist fascist status quo rather than the outwardly racist fascist Trump, but it won't help push the U.S. and the world towards real freedom. The freedom from climate change and the famine, wars, and food and water shortages that come with it, the freedom to have healthcare regardless of what's in your bank account (which the rest of the world has), the economic freedom that provides jobs that pay fair wages, or the freedom to share love and yiff with everyone who enjoys that too.

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Trump calling citizens against fascism "terrorists" and not calling Neo-nazis and white supremacists "terrorists" not only demonstrates yet another way that term is ridiculous and meaningless, but also demonstrates that Trump and the establishment have no intention of heeding the demands for justice from citizens.

This will hopefully all end in a revolution and finally bring real change to the systemic anti-American corruption and abuse in the U.S. political system.


Cops attacking citizens even more, the very thing that started this round of protests, will certainly not solve any of the problems that the citizens are protesting to have stopped:


Protesting and either reforming or overthrowing the tyrannical fascist U.S. government and its corporations that have caused or aided in causing the slow destruction of the planet from climate change, wealth inequality, and the murder of countless lives around the world, and stopping the spread of the ruthless, vicious, evil expansion of the cult of capitalism which pushes profit over lives, is a necessity for life to continue and for there to be progress.

The rich teach everyone to be selfish for a reason.

So that if you're rich, you only care about yourself, and if you're not rich, you still only care about yourself and how to become rich. They want you doing this rather than questioning the reason why a broken system allows a few to become billionaires while the rest teeter on the edge of life and death. They want you doing this rather than working together to fix the broken system.


If Bernie loses, Trump gets four more years. Good job voting against your own interests, America.

Not that Bernie still can't win and that you still shouldn't all push everyone to vote for him if possible, but...

The mountains of money that the rich have, and their manufactured consent brought to you by the establishment news media they own, appears to have possibly won again.

How long before people wake the fuck up and wage war against the thieves stealing their wealth?

A vote for Biden is a vote for Trump

If the establishment DNC and big media, with all their shenanigans and propaganda, end up stealing the election from Bernie, Trump easily gets four more years. Really sad to see so many voting against their own interests, voting for Biden because they were told by the MSM that he was the "electable" one when the opposite is true. Biden is Hillary. Biden has some of the worst record and policy positions and the same as Hillary who lost, he publicly stated he'd veto Medicare for All should it come to his desk when he's president, and he's in mental decline.

But the rich don't care because it's a win-win for them. They win with Trump and Biden, but would have to give back some of the billions they've stolen from us with Bernie. That's why the MSM which the rich control constantly smears Bernie and cries about him winning when he does, then celebrates their asses off when Biden is winning instead.

Joe Biden's Sharp Cognitive Decline (please share, voters need to know)


More DNC shinanigans? Bernie is ACTUALLY in the lead vs. Biden in delegate counts?????????


"Update on this, Biden's lead is currently 91 delegates. Remaining unallocated delegates are as follows

Biden states:
TN 1

Bernie states:
CA 61
CO 26
UT 15"


So if those delegates are supposed to go for Bernie, then he could actually in reality be in the lead right now against Biden. Yet establishment news media is, of course, shouting from the roof tops, "BERNIE IS LOSING, HE SHOULD DROP OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!"

Lol, and this is why you're the Fake News Media, establishment media, just not quite in the same way that Trump actually means it. ^>.<^

Voters seriously need to wake up immediately. The DNC didn't have a debate last week because they don't want to show Americans the state that Joe Biden is in to keep his numbers up. Rather, this next wave of Tuesday elections is going to happen without that. We need to get the word out as best we can about Joe's rapid recent cognitive decline. He is not fit to be president. Not mentally, nor due to his pro-rich anti-American policies.

Bernie is the only hope for America improving at this point. The Biden road leads to Trump's next four years.





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