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Another poll about botting. After last results, we ask this:

DO NOTE, Bot accounts will not be taken out.

Hello Sinblrs, We always want you to have greatest and best expirience on Sinblr. Some of Tor users may have experienced excessive amount of capcha verifications. So we have made some Firewall changes to make expirience better for our Tor users, so You should see those less often from now on. It would be helpfull to us to get some feedback on it.

@megami 10/07/2020

“How do you rate the job he did on your kitchen?”

“Top notch. He was being so quick and thorough that I decided to hobble his legs and loosely tie his elbows part way through. It slowed him down and made it much more entertaining for me.”

“This isn’t a punishment then?”

“No. You mentioned that you were training him as a cock whore. I showed him my fucking machine and told him to come up with an unpleasant and painful training session you could enjoy watching when you got here. Do you like how he attached the clamps? Every time the dildo leaves his throat, his nipple get a harsh tug.”

“Well, since he’s gone to so much trouble I think we should enjoy ourselves for a bit. I’ll get the machine running while you grab us a whip each?”

Hello, !!

We are aware that some of you have experienced a loss of data (images) on your profiles.

Yes, It happened. Aparantly, some part of files has been lost after we have switched our storage provider. Unfortunatly, during transferring process, the way mastodon handles media, it was impossible to do something manually over our end and our previous storage provider blocked our bucket so no more further access was granted.

Do note that, now that we have different provider, should run faster & your files are no longer in a risk of being deleted ever. We will personally make sure of it.

We are sorry for your inconvenience & we thank you for your support, understanding & being here on Sinblr.

Going to try to clean up my profile over the next few weeks and repost what might've gone missing.

It is really great to see all of You being active & new members coming in every day to !!!

We thank You all and we're hoping that all of us are here to stay.

Stay sinful, Sinblr!!! :starry_eyes:

@melanieralston We have also noticed, that holding sinblr tab opened for too long, it may get cached and affect loading times & performace. SO in that case, reopen the tab, should fix in certaing cases.

Thank You for Your Feedback

The issues or Error 500 - The failure to upload image has been fixed.
Thank You for Your patience & Support.

We have closed down a previous poll about this issues and now we have opened a new one.

We invite you all to test & participate, - give us your feedback:

If there is another issues of any sort that you may have, be sure to let us know. Thank You.

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Due to migration of our Storage bucket, Media services will be not available untill tommorow.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, We are working hard to make it fast as possible.

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