We are keep recieving alots of reports from Sinblr users about child exploitation. All of the accounts were suspended with no questions asked.

:s_8small_square:​ Also, we are aware that sinblr have been federating with very controversy richs instances which consists of alot of Naziism, Loli, Hate speech & other topics, such as Pawoo, Poa, Yggdrasil & some others. To increase safe experience of sinlbr, we have suspended our federation with those servers.

:s_8small_square:​ We are also aware of recent server instabililty issues that has been going on in recent days & we are investigating it. We are suspecting another round of automated accounts on Sinblr which clogs up our uptime.

To keep Sinblr running we will think of some solutions to these issues. Your reports are extremely helpful. Stay safe, Sinblr!

@sinblr Thank you. I was starting to notice a lot of questionable posts. I think some are trying to walk the thin line or border. I think if you can't tell if they're legal, it shouldn't be posted. Thanks for looking out.

@sinblr are consensual adult incest posts and feds also a no?

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