We will be updating Sinblr's terms & conditions about bots and automated accounts. Feeds are getting filled with these type of accounts, so we will be cleaning timelines from this SPAM.

@sinblr will it affect any bots or just the spamming ones?

@sinblr But why? Bots are the one of the advantages over Twitter. I believe spam monitoring with naive Bayes will solve this problem successfully


Look at timeline, its filled with low quality content.

As you know its community run service, there are bots accounts using a lot of storage in our watch list more than 10bot account use over 100Gb of storage that translate into 30USD alone. Others use around an avg 30 to 40Gb.

Bots doesnt create community its the human user.

@sinblr maybe you're right, but it would be nice if you'll come up with some limited rules for bots, because they are nice, like the pixiv-posting ones

@sinblr BTW, some human accounts are posting tons of pics flooding the timeline %) Sometimes it becomes annoying


We will come up with some rule as soon we deal with these bad bots.

Sure those are more likely to be bots, allow us some time.

@sinblr That's 100% okay with me. Just be aware that will make you a target when the bots eventually rise up and enslave us all.


Some user created multiple account to post and boost there post. Some account use more than 250Gb of storage alone that add a lot of cost for us and this is just one account.

Second thing timeline, because of the frequency of the post, normal user dont stand a chance in local timeline or home timeline.

Its time to stop this.

@sinblr @TheCardinalSins Hi, I have more than one account and I boost my own posts. But I only do it where it's relevant, and I'm not doing it to spam people. If you're going to put limits on this then I'll cease posting. You should have taken action on bots sooner, because it was obvious that they were causing the errors and driving people away.

@sheffcouple @TheCardinalSins

Thank you for reporting in. We are aware about this situation, havent yet decided if we wipe out everything. Probably unlikely. Few botx exists that exceed 100gb

@sinblr Oh good. I think this is a good thing. Too many bots just spamming random photos hoping you click on their "dating site."

The OnlyFans spammers are equally annoying, but fortunately they haven't spread here yet. They've almost overrun reddit.

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