- What do community think of all the bot activity? What should we do about it?

We are concerned frequent that bot account activity might hurt Sinblr's chances to become huge, so we are trying to figure out what to do with it. And so, we are asking of Your opinion about it.

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@sinblr we also need to somehow address excessive descriptions: too many unrelated hashtags, links to external websites (unrelated to the media content in the post). I mostly avoid subscribing to such obnoxious accounts but they are flooding the timeline

@eyes_of_lust yes! You are 100% right and I agree completely. Some bots are essentially hashtag stuffing now.

@Teslas_son Haha! No shame in that. I am just concerned about this thing called SPAM, that is all. I am sure there are lots of others the do also! 😉

@sinblr I'd say remove them altogether. I just joined and I can't tell who's real or not :(


Noted! Welcome! Yes, we are also considering a requirement to mark themselves as a "Bot"

@sinblr Bots aren't always bad. It's an influx of OnlyFans spammers that I am worried about. OnlyFans has become a cancer on reddit. :( So much spam for it.

@cati916 @sinblr I hear you. Some bots are very entertaining. Only fans is so invasive.

@sinblr I voted to lower the frequency, but what would the lowered frequency look like? I had in mind something like a few times an hour, but maybe others had something like "once every five minutes" or something. Do you plan to do another poll for that, or do you have a number in mind already?


Yes, We currently have in mind - 1 post an hour. Another poll for this is on the table for us. Stay tuned for that 😉​

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