What do you guys think about on ? Your feed back is very important to us and we feel like it can improove our user experience on site. :mastodance:

Just wondering about your opinions. If you feel like there too much of emoji available or too less.

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@sinblr i think people like emoji. personally i don't care but you may want to appeal to them

@sinblr We've already got a bunch of emoji available from the tears of laughter icon in the top right of the compose box. 😂​ What would it mean to have more (or less) available? I guess less might be nice for the first panel of frequently used emoji as the load time is just long enough that I never bother clicking on it. My OS lets me pick Emoji by using using Ctrl+Shift+E and that's much faster.

Or are you talking about the ability to type shorthand using a colon? Like :mastodonwitheggplantforpenis: 🍆 :mastodon:​ 🤣

: blobfoxlaughsweat : :blobfoxlaughsweat:​​

@sinblr I would love to have some sexy emoji, if possible! (just joined)

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