You can use Filters option to filter out unwanted content. You can find it on Settings/Filters. Type hashtag which you wouldn't like to see in your feed & timelines, and content with such hashtags will be filtered out.

Here are some commonly used suggestions:


Some people will post content that is either degrading or not to your liking. If these posts are not specifically against the rules, please do not report them. Mute and or filter them instead! If you post content that targets a special audience, you HAVE to check the "CW" button when creating a status. This adds a spoiler tag to your content. Please use it to properly describe your content!

@sinblr Great advice! Now, how do I completely remove the word "sensitive" that shows up on all the images?


Visi thir url and scroll Down to Bottm
You will find Sensitive content option
Make it to Always Show
Hit Save

@sinblr I should've been more clear. I did that, but the word "Sensitive" still floats at the top left of images. There's also an eyeball.


That should not happen, can you send me a screenshot?


Which browser you are using? And is it mobile or Desktop.

@sinblr Oh, I found out that the "Sensitive" bug only happens if the Sinblr flavour is "Glitch Edition". It doesn't happen when I set flavour to Vanilla Mastodon.

Note that setting the "skin" to be Mastodon (light) while using the Glitch Edition flavour still has the bug.

@sinblr Oh, and I don't know if switching between flavours is a problem, but when I went to my profile just now it said the number of followers I have is "-1". That is certainly not right.

Thank's for notifying it. We are actually aware of such occurances, we'll be sure to look into it !

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