Dear users, currently I still have no contact with the former humblr admin and I don't know how far the transfer process is along.

A little extra info: I personally NEVER had access to the Humblr server. The former admin should transfer files over but no contact since..

I'm afraid #humblr is gone and there isn't one thing I can do about it 😢

For now all former Humblr users are welcome on #sinblr! ❤️ Please let me know if there's anything I can do!

@sinblr well this is very frustrating to hear...😐 almost a years worth of work and content gone... tumblr all over again 😪

@MomAndSon It looks like that indeed, it soo crappy he does this.. 😠

@sinblr @MomAndSon I did see somre remblence of a log in today not right format but have not fully lost hope

I noticed that the url is now answering up and asking for a log in, but it's not the site.

@sinblr I just got a logon screen for Humblr, but it doesn't recognize my account. Guess it's gone.

@sinblr The domain "" still points to Cloudflare. Also the MX records haven't changed as far as I remember the old ones. What's strange though, before the BasicAuth popped up, there was a fresh Wordpress installation to be seen, which had a messed up configuration taht exposed a generic "" domain. I have no idea what to make out of that.

I saw the same indeed. For a day at least there was a WP sure indeed.


@sinblr tbh I mostly abandoned my humblr account a while ago due to shady admin actions.. they weren't running a tight ship over there imo

@sinblr Damn! So many uploads - all with the appropriate tags :/ Humblr admin can suck a d.

@sinblr all year of effort and 1 k posts were gone.

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