We did it! We are now nr. 10 biggest mastodon instance in the fediverse!

@sinblr Is this excluding Sounds like Sinblr will likely start getting blocked by many of the mid-sized and smaller fediverse instances, as your encouraging centralization (the exact opposite of the intended effect of the fediverse).

On another note, it seems is down and died somewhere between 1 to 5hrs ago? Really wish most of the ppl I follow had diversified, rather than gather only on humblr. How many platform fires will it take to learn this lesson?

@gaypron Why would you think that? And yes it's including

@sinblr You have continued open registration despite ranking in the 10 biggest open registration instances by user count. This choice of yours means most of the other (aka chatty cathys) are apt to take remedial action.

Accreting users to the point where you've got tens of thousands that can't be effectively moderated or organized is a path trodden by many sites, from Voat to (which many smaller instances now block entirely).

@gaypron I don't want to close down signups for people. Why do you think instances like have over 300k users?

Besides why should I close it down when other adult instances are shutting down time to time. I want to offer users a place to post uninterrupted.

@sinblr was allowed to become a massive instance. Hindsight is 20/20, all I can do is encourage my friends to migrate to smaller instances.

Centralization, encouraging people to place all the eggs in one basket is not a solution to the root issue. All you create is one big point of failure, a place to burn out moderators as they try to get large numbers of unfamiliar people to comply with basic etiquette of the platform.

@gaypron We also have a very good team of moderators so we can handle it. Don't you worry about that

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