From now on bots and automatically posted toots need to be posted as ‘unlisted’.

This way we will make the timeline a little ‘cleaner’ and give other users a chance in the community to get their toots seen in the local timeline.

Questions? Please let me know.

@sinblr from documentation: "Unlisted toots are public, except that they do not appear in the public timelines or search results. They are visible to anyone following you and appear on your profile page"

If your toots appear only to your subscribers what are the mechanisms to get discovered to the new demographic then?

Judging by the current state of the local timeline it is still a big dumpster because apparently everyone else is using "public".
Doesn't It put me in a disadvantage if I mark my posts as unlisted ( and I post only few hours)?

Another way to mitigate this issue would be putting a cap on how often an account can post. No idea if mastodon allows it though.

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