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Hello new users! Great to have you on board. Here is a quick guide how to start:

:checkr: Edit your profile, - create a nice bio and upload an avatar. Let your visitors know what you are all about !

:checkr: It's time for your first post! Use the hashtag - to introduce yourself. Post your first few or more pictures or videos!

:checkr: Time to meet your first followers !!! Follow some users you find to your interest, some may even follow you back !!! If your visitor likes your your profile, introduction and bio they are likely to press that [Follow] button. Interact with other users with like, boost, follow or DM.

You can find users on the Explore page, local and federated timelines. Also take a peek at the follower lists of people you follow.

If you want to be more visible on Sinblr, be sure to:
:checkr: Check "List this account on the directory" on Settings/Profile/Appearance.

:checkr: Uncheck "Opt-out of search engine indexing" on Settings/Preferences/Other

To increase your user experience while browsing Sinblr, we suggest using Filters -

Enjoy & stay 'ful !!!

Hello, Sinblr! Anyone experiencing any issues today? I hope not :red_heart:

Goodmorning, Sinners!

How is everyone doing today? Any issues? I hope not 🔥

Ladies and gentlemen. Thank You for Your patience all this time. We are back online. Enjoy!

Comment if you experience any sort of issues.

Apparantly engineers of our "storage providers" still are working on the issue. IDK what is going on and what is taking them so long. Asked about if they working on weekends.. They claim that yes they do, but given the progress they are making, makes me really nervous for the weekend. No sleep for me if needed.

Once this is fixed, i will share the transcript for everyone to see their competence and what I am dealing with.

Stay patient, Sinblr. Thank You for understanding. After this I will try to feature our network on Join.Mastodon for more kinky people to join and make Sinblr rotate even faster.

In a mean time, boost your own & each other's posts, to show off your collections !!! 😈

And once again, as I said before, you can roast me all you want after this, but please do so after we are back online. I'll take it.


- What do community think of all the bot activity? What should we do about it?

We are concerned frequent that bot account activity might hurt Sinblr's chances to become huge, so we are trying to figure out what to do with it. And so, we are asking of Your opinion about it.

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- What do community think of all the bot activity? What should we do about it?

Is anyone getting error 500 again?
Comment down below

Just wondering about your opinions. If you feel like there too much of emoji available or too less.

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What do you guys think about on ? Your feed back is very important to us and we feel like it can improove our user experience on site. :mastodance:

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