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Futa Set Four

A little experiment I'm working on.


Futa Set Three

A little experiment I'm working on.


Futa Set Two

A little experiment I'm working on.


Futa Set One

A little experiment I'm working on.

Hippie Haiku #3

Hippie Hill is where 
  we laid and balled to Jimi. 
We came in colors. 


Hippie Haiku #2

Peace, love, sex, and weed 
  is what all the hippies craved. 
          Free Love Forever!!! 


Hippie Haiku #1

Hey, sweet longhaired babe! 
Do you dig me like, I, you? 
You do! Cool! Let's screw!! 



How do I get to your center?
Do I dig deeper or climb higher? 
Where are you at,
That little pure you doused in fire?!

In a past life, she was a woods nymph.
But in this life, she's a nymph for wood.
Praying to the wood as she did before,
Sharing her Nature more and more 

If we are of the earth,
And shall be returned to the earth,
Then this wood that I carry shall also be returned. 
Please help me to return it to the earth!

Help me to comply with Nature, 
And return that from which it came! 
Open the legs and mouth of Nature,
And take back that from which it came!

We pledged to do Nature's bidding,
Trying to hide the unhidden!
The lust intermingled with pain, 
Returning wood to the earth is always a strain.

The time and heat needed for decomposing, 
Are the same reasons we were chosen. 
You are a nymph of the forest,
I am a woodsman out to forage!

But with mouth and body, you collected the wood.
With a nymph's expertise, you buried it good!
You buried the wood so deep, I called you a nymph pro.
But you are the wiser, demanding to be called Nympho!

Yes, this is your center, the crud is gone.
My wood and I have been left alone.
Looking at my computer because you are shown,
You have now became the Queen of Porn!


Pussy Ain't Free

From Best Buy,
To WalMart,
To Walgreens,

She wants you to buy every fucking thing.

She wants a brand new car,
Wonder why my dick can't get hard.

From the start,
Everything was, "Please dear."
Now she opens her legs once a year.
So why in hell did I get married?

Guess I'm hanging out too much with Dick and Hairy.

There is no such thing
As a female that cooks and cleans
Without them arguing.

My balls are blue,
'Till I start opening the money-shoe,
Now she says, "I love you."

At this point,
She's now pissed at me for spending more.
Be better just fucking some dirty whore.

From the filthy to the clean,
You'll find yourself spending all that green,
As no pussy in the world is ever free.



Lovers’ dialogues
Affect both body and mind
Branding skin and soul

That is what you did
Offered sex and poetry
To my hungry heart

Sex was worth the sin
Yet the poetry – countless
Verses unspoken



Pussy needs feeding when hungry
Just let the pussy be free

Pussy needs care and aggression
I'll eat the pussy like an obsession

Pussy has lips so soft
Pussy will loosen when it gets too hot

Pussy needs licking when wet
I'll keep the pussy moist I bet

Pussy wants to be drilled for hours
The cream from your pussy has scent of flowers

So take a chance and let yourself fall
Pussy is pussy after all


͏s͏i͏n͏b͏l͏r. 🔞

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