Pussy Ain't Free

From Best Buy,
To WalMart,
To Walgreens,

She wants you to buy every fucking thing.

She wants a brand new car,
Wonder why my dick can't get hard.

From the start,
Everything was, "Please dear."
Now she opens her legs once a year.
So why in hell did I get married?

Guess I'm hanging out too much with Dick and Hairy.

There is no such thing
As a female that cooks and cleans
Without them arguing.

My balls are blue,
'Till I start opening the money-shoe,
Now she says, "I love you."

At this point,
She's now pissed at me for spending more.
Be better just fucking some dirty whore.

From the filthy to the clean,
You'll find yourself spending all that green,
As no pussy in the world is ever free.


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