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These are the positions I have been required to learn. This set might expand in the future.

@megami 27/07/2020

“What was your instruction for this week?”

“To wear high heels in the house at all times except when I’m in bed mistress.”

“Why have I seen you slip them off your feet when you’re at your desk several times?”

“I wasn’t walking mistress. I didn’t even have my feet on the floor.”

“Are you in bed when you’re at your desk?”

“No, mistress.”

“Go chain yourself to the treadmill, set it to 3 kph, and cuff your hands behind you. I’ll come and release you when I think you’ve learned your lesson.”

@megami 27/07/2020

Once I no longer needed to work mistress started leaving me small tasks to do at home. I greeted her that night in the satin maid uniform with a glass of wine as instructed, then she had me massage her before I was allowed to remove the uniform.

The next day she messaged me asking for a photograph of me carrying out 1 household tasks in the maid uniform. After that it was two tasks, then three. I soon ended up wearing it for a few hours each day. Eventually she decided that she would lock it on before she left for work.

Her demands for my outfit began to escalate. Each time I got used to something, she would add a new level of difficulty. At this point I am in a rubber maid uniform complete with rubber stockings, hood, hat, tightly laced corset & 6 inch heels. Everything is locked on. She left 2 hours ago and, on her way out, demanded updates on my comfort exactly on and half past each hour. As the latest addition the corset is the most difficult. I told her in my last update that I was a little short of breath, but not in any danger. Her response was to clean the kitchen slower.

At the three hour mark she sent me the combination to her key safe and permission to remove the corset and shoes.

She tells me that my transformation into the perfect rubber doll is going well, but there are a lot of things she wants to add yet.

@megami 27/07/2020

“I hope you enjoyed that, fucktoy, because you won’t get another one until you’ve spent enough time pleasuring me. Don’t even think about asking how much time. Enough time is when I tell you to cum. Now lick the floor clean, find a way to pull those chopsticks off your nipples, then join me in the living room. Bring your bootblacking kit with you, once you and it are at my feet again I’ll untie you.”

@megami 26/07/2020

“I don’t have a dildo on me, and I don’t want to move or untie you, so you work on your oral skills using my foot.”

@megami 26/07/2020

“I got this wand especially for you fucktoy. The reviews are terrible, it’s too weak to make anyone cum. I’ll be keeping an eye on you. I can always tweak the nipple clamps or gag if you don’t seem to be suffering enough.”

@megami 26/07/2020

She started with the hood to take away my sight, then she started dressing me head to toe in rubber. I had no skin exposed to the air, my breathing was through a tube in an inflatable penis gag.
Once she had applied all of the cuffs and securely hogtied me she spent some time shining everything up, leaving me to enjoy the sensations all over my body.

She left me like that for a long time, sometimes putting her feet up on me or reaching down to stroke the rubber. She asked me how well I was enduring the bondage. I grunted through the gag four times, representing four on a scale of four out of five. Then she asked about the temperature. I grunted once, I was struggling with the build up of heat.

A few moments later she dumped a load of ice cubes all over me, picking some up to rub over my body.
She left me bound for a while. Every few minutes she would push me from one side to the other so that she could spray me with cold water.

The first thing to be removed was the gag. “I bet your jaw aches. You may work it out by worshipping my feet” she said. I wriggled a little closer to the chair and put my mouth to use.

@megami 25/07/2020

I love nice, chunky pieces of metal for bondage. These cuffs look nice and heavy. The idea of those leather gloves grabbing me and putting me where I’m wanted is hot too.

@megami 25/07/2020

“I’ve noticed that you often walk around with your head lowered. When we are out in public I want people to know that you are confident and assertive, especially when we are around people who know I’m your owner. I’ll remove the arm binder in a while, but you will leave the collar and spike exactly as I have set it.”

@megami 25/07/2020

Mistress had me in the humble position for a few minutes while she sat and used my ass as a footrest. “I want to modify this position slightly” she said. She placed her hands on my waist and gently encouraged my ass up higher. “That’s better” she said. I felt her place something cold on me, then something on top of that moments later. “That’s my finest whiskey. I expect it to still be there when I come back from the shower”. She walked upstairs, leaving me in position.

She came back a few minutes later and rested her feet either side of the drink, leaning forwards occasionally to pick it up for a sip. When the knock came at the door she had to grab it to stop it falling when I jumped.
She came back from the door with a plastic bag and the delicious smell of curry. “Don’t worry about nearly spilling my drink” she said. “I’ll make sure you get enough practice”.

She placed her feet on me again and started eating.

@megami 24/07/2020

As mistress wriggled her foot to settle the heel as far back as possible she said “this will probably be as uncomfortable as our biggest ball gag. The main difference is you have to focus on keeping your jaws wide, because you WILL NOT cause me any discomfort in that heel!”

@megami 24/07/2020

“Do you like my taste in your mouth, cunt?”

*nods* “eeeeehhh iiieeehhh”

“Good boy. Those are from yesterday. Let’s put today's right over your nose, then I can decide how much cling film and tape I want to seal your head away with.”

@megami 24/07/2020

Everything about this is fantastic. The ring gag looks a little too big for comfort, the sticks holding the tongue out make it even less tolerable, and the sub will soon be uncontrollably drooling down themselves.

I’d like to think she started on the floor with her arms bound, then the nose hook was slowly lifted up. As the hook moved further up the sub is forced to struggle to their feet.

@megami 23/07/2020

She showed me the monster she intended to push into my ass. I couldn’t possibly take that. My eyes showed my fear as they locked with hers.

“I know this scares you a little, but I think you’re ready for it.”

I disagreed. I didn’t know how big it was compared to what she’s been using before because she often blindfolds or hoods me, but this was insane. I thought about my safe signal for a moment, but I remained silent. Mistress knows best.

@megami 23/07/2020

“Crawl over here and get that tongue to work. You deserve it.”

“Thank you mistress!”

@megami 22/07/2020

Mistress said I had served them both well over the last few of their dates, so she was going to allow me to pleasure her girl with my tongue. I was super excited as I knelt by the bed, waiting. She turned away from me. Mistress grabbed my hair to guide me into position. She forced my head a little higher, so that I would be worshipping ass. Mistress said to me “She’s thoroughly cleaned for you tonight, fucktoy, and this is what she wants. I’m sure you’ll get into it. It’s important for a fucktoy to focus on the pleasure of those it serves, after all.”

@megami 22/07/2020

I just saw this one and remembered how you used to like me worshipping your feet in a latex hood. Perhaps we could bring that back, maybe with an arm binder and corset to make it harder.

@megami 22/07/2020

“That’s bigger than I required. Good boy. Get it in and pull up your pants. We’re going out.”

@megami 21/07/2020

Nobody touched me as they played with me. I was there as entertainment, and they wanted me to do all the work. The posture collar was the first item I was told to put on, followed by the ring gag. They had me work the dildo until my nose could touch the floor.

Once I had managed to push my nose to the floor a corset was thrown next to me and I was ordered to put it on & lace it extremely tight, but I was not to allow the dildo to slip further out of my mouth. I heard mistress say to the group “No hints. He’s a clever little toy, he’ll work this out”.
I held it in with my mouth as I positioned next to the wall, using the wall to hold the dildo against while I tightened the corset.

A few minutes after that I had hogtied myself on the floor, all with the dildo still held in my mouth. They told me to pleasure it like a real cock, then began to discuss whether they should reward me be allowing me to do a pedicure for each of them.

@megami 21/07/2020

I post a lot of stuff about strict rules, pain and unforgiving bondage. I often neglect some of the simpler things. These two look happy. One worshipping feet, the other having them worshipped. They both love their role and both get to feel accepted for who they are and what they are into.

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