This is how to Fuck a White Girl..

May 24, 2019

you actually jack or social media person?

6:21AMAug 15, 2019

Yea it’s me, why?


oh. Huge fan just wasn’t sure.


not every day you get to tell a porn star you have enjoyed more than once how much you appreciate their work


I’m sure you get that a lot


Yea, but most of ‘em aren’t as sexy as you


oh damn ty


you just look at my profile pic or me on my page?


Jamie, We like 'em both. Those curves, and blue eyes. You should be in movies ! Do you like Black men Baby?


I love blk men. I don’t mind being seen.


never thought I would get complimented by a porn star I’ve gotten off to


think I could do movies though?


I’d like to make another movie with you . When can you be ready? It will be public, just you and me. Of course you would get paid for it.
What are you willing to do? Creampie? Anal? ATM? Multiples?


omg you seriously want to fuck me omg that’s not something I ever thought would be possible.


I’m open minded what would you think would be the best I mean you are huge. assuming testing is a start. wanna cum in me how dom you really like to get?

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