Pinned toot is dead. Long live That said, this being a fresh start on a new site, and this being the inaugural post I bid you all hello and welcome to my little corner of the Sinblr social universe. To be honest this blog is more for me than for anyone else- if you enjoy the flavour of my kinks, perverted thoughts, cheeky wit, occasional PSAs, rants, comments, observations, and ramblings, good on you. One last thing, for the unevolved, illiterate, or just plain stupid motherfuckers who can't be bothered to read my profile first.. I AM A HETEROSEXUAL MALE. I am not a woman. So sending messages to me about how you would like to get me pregnant is a waste of your time and mine. That probably won't stop those who are determined to try, but it can't hurt to spell it out for them anyway. LOL. Also this site runs in a kind of parallel continuum with my Humblr site, just so you know. Okay, on with the show. 👁️

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Damn so hot. Not only taking a #naked #selfie but fingers in her pussy bent over and sexy hot flexible.

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