My husband and his new boyfriend didn't really need my help, but I'm glad they let me join their fun.

I love the way hubby moans into my mouth as he gets his cock sucked and his prostate fingered.

Subby hubby was a bit wild last night. I found him looking a lot like this picture, and I just couldn't resist grabbing my strap-on, bending him over, and eating his freshly washed asshole until he begged.

I didn't even have to touch his dick; he just fucked himself until he erupted, spraying cum all over his side of the bed.

Of course we forgotten until afterward that we had the windows open. I wonder if the neighbors heard him scream for me.


A man's place is in the kitchen, where he can be bent over the counter and used like a slut.

It's been a few days since I've gotten a chance to fuck my husband's tight little ass, milk his cock, and lick him clean.

Poor dear is very paranoid about cleanliness, and won't give himself up unless he's fasted for a day and washed himself out.

But once he's ready, he becomes a total slut.

I like the way her dick twitches while she plays with her tits and tweaks her little nipples

That can't be a comfortable position to jerk off in, but it makes her dick look huge. Too bad her cum mostly ends up on the bedspread.

Some of you guys might prefer to have a woman sucking your cock while you eat a hot, wet pussy, but the men I like best don't discriminate.

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