Hello, Sinblr. So I am not understanding, how else to put out there that child exploitation on Sinblr is FORBIDDEN. Everytime I open report section, it always gives me new child predatory reports to handle. Those ofcourse are suspended without any questions asked.

I have also suspended federation with some Naziism, Racism and other sensitive topics, thanks to your feedback by reports.

Sinblr has been experiencing some instability issues. We are suspecting SPAM accounts, again. Our server has been registering alot of requests, and that is the reason why it has been experiencing some stability issues. While we will soon perform some maintenance tasks for our server, with all of your help already, it has been much better experience to solve reporting section. Thanks to your help, all of child exploitation accounts especially has been dealt with.

Do always report:
:s_8small_square: Child Exploitation
:s_8small_square: SPAM
:s_8small_square: Federation servers with taboo topics.

Your help has been very effective & very helpful for me!

- ❌ ❌ ❌

@bambola Thank you for letting us know that you are on top of this. We were not sure if the reports help you or not. Now that we know, we'll keep them coming.

Thanks again for keeping Sinblr a pleasant community to call home!

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