And so, the holiday season ends. Lots of things have been done & achieved during these few weeks.

:s_8small_square: Bots banned, about 550GB freed up;

:s_8small_square: Fresh & new look at our emojis have been touched. More will be added;

:s_8small_square: Our data is now much safer with a backup in store;

:s_8small_square: Warning preset templates have been updated.

:s_8small_square: Sinblr's storage provider have been changed to safer & more efficient solution. With that, search function has been fixed.

:s_8small_square: Backups of Database & server's snapshot is now stored at our hosting providers, granting us quicker access & response times with netter safety.

More exciting updates will be coming soon. Along side of lots of bug fixes on our side, we also plan to upgrade our Mastodon package to v3.0 providing more bug fixes on Mastodon. I am also considering to do changes on ToS about filtering system for better user experience. Stay kinky, Sinblr! :se_devilangel:

And now, after these updates, I am able to see huge better influx of new users & much more activity on Sinblr! So my conclusion would be, - it worked! :s_20heart:

So cool when users uses pictures on their avatar or have some texts in their bio. Gives much more credability to them and to Sinblr itself.

I'm soo excited it worked & just cannot wait what this year will offer us.

Stay sinful & kinky with me on Sinblr & I hope it gives you extraordinary pleasure :se_kissbl:

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