So, I've been recieving a bunch of emails & DM's about this recent purge. Some of You cheered it on & some of You felt like this has been too extreme & unfair.

So first of all, I've been addressing the SPAM problem for months now. Did few polls on that topic. I did note the results of that effort. I also been getting, time & time again, emails, from people who've just entered and wanting to delete their account.

Did updates on these matters @sinblr, which I felt like got too little engagement. I guess not much people saw that. Gee, - I wonder why?

One might ask - how does it take months to solve SPAM problem? - It does. As I've mentioned, It's Mastodon. It does not feature ability to sort data by User, Date & Size. It is designed to drop everything in bulk, creating one chunk of data. So as the answer is obvious, the only way to delete SPAM account's data is to suspend it completely, I tried to look up solutions to avoid that & keep all of the followers & effort collected. Ofcourse, at the moment, on Mastodon it is impossible.

When reviewing, - accounts size, followers, media, boosts, post consitency, post quality, links, age, last activity been taken into account, number of times reported, number of accounts per IP. Lots of factors to consider there.

And now, it is almost as if it feels like, to say that interacting with other people, engaging community or just not being a bot, is just not much of an argument.

I am also aware that, some of the purged may have been a patreons on Patreon. I did take that into account aswell.

I'd love to visualize Sinblr as community of real people, not SPAM, full of phishy links & bunch of affiliate geniuses. And trust me when I say, that it is literally impossible to just please everybody while I am at it.

Feels like Sinblr has been spiraling out of control for a while now with 0 quality standarts & order. So that's it with that & I'd like to be bothered with different Sinblr matters now. Your reports always makes it easier to make decisions.

- ❌ ❌ ❌

@bambola @sinblr do what you feel is best. The ones that are social will stay. Keep it pervy! Thanks for all you do!

@bambola @sinblr Thank you for conducting the work on getting things more streamlined. Bots were becoming too much.

@bambola @sinblr YES!! We love real people, not just porn site links and OnlyFans spammers! :D

I think it's a great change and we're totally supporting you.

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