So i have added some emoji today. I was glad to see some of you use them. :se_devilangel: There are alot of cool emojis out there. But how they look actually small is completely other thing. To me it is not about if they are from the same set or not. It is all about relevance. But one thing that really bothers me is that some of those are well too detailed, and so, doesn't look overall good and readable, when put into action.

I will do more updates for emoji on Sinblr! There are more emoji to test, process and upload.

So far i have added 2 Categories. Sinblr Red & Sinblr Exclusive. Both of these are exclusive to Sinblr on Fediverse. Will add more categories, which will have some perhaps mixed emoji - exclusive & not.

Stay kinky, naughty & sinful, Sinblr

- ❌❌❌


I feel so bad. 😐 These were some cool emoji. they just are well too detailed, and when small looks very unreadable & random. So I had to take these out. πŸ˜₯ What do you guys think? 😐

@bambola I love them. I wish use them in telegram. In animated version they will be more funny.

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