Now that Sinblr storage is running at a different storage provider, I expect that to last very well. When we had our previous provider, we've encountered Error 500 twice. The clear issue was that the storage would reach it's limit. Yes, I blamed them for their long time solve these kind of problems for me. However the truth is, they are still partly to blame. After all, after i did some digging, apparantly sinblr is filled with bots.. One of those had 233GB of data...

Bots spam timelines, making Sinblr user content unseen. This is the problem why my Sinblr feels so deserted.

So the time has come to do something about bots, cut costs & reinvest into expanding Sinblr. I haven't yet fully decided exactly how to handle the situation, but the only way to free up their space is to fully suspend thei accounts with all of their followers. I seen huge networks doing sudden moves before, so I'll try to avoid that.

Due to few polls I made before, I am also all aware that majority of users don't mind bot accounts, so that is another factor to count in.

Stay kinky, horny & sexy, Sinblr! Follow me in journey Sinblr! 💋

- ❌❌❌

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