Apparantly engineers of our "storage providers" still are working on the issue. IDK what is going on and what is taking them so long. Asked about if they working on weekends.. They claim that yes they do, but given the progress they are making, makes me really nervous for the weekend. No sleep for me if needed.

Once this is fixed, i will share the transcript for everyone to see their competence and what I am dealing with.

Stay patient, Sinblr. Thank You for understanding. After this I will try to feature our network on Join.Mastodon for more kinky people to join and make Sinblr rotate even faster.

In a mean time, boost your own & each other's posts, to show off your collections !!! 😈

And once again, as I said before, you can roast me all you want after this, but please do so after we are back online. I'll take it.


@bambola Encouragement, we understand the situation perfectly

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