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One kneels amid the piles of she has surrounded herself with.

Another, rests from her , reclining among her books.

When have more than they can carry, they start piling up on the floor.

Here we have an attractive contemplating what other books to pull from the shelves. She already has several around her feet.

Another has found a large number of books to and neatly stacked them in a .

Is it possible for a to be too ? Here we see among large .

I'm not sure who the models are, but I believe the one standing on the Kik-Step was photographed by Erica Simone.

and and . Some of my favourite attributes in a . I believe this is "Milana B." in a photoshoot called "Book of Secrets"

Oh yeah, another difference I just noticed: one of the pictures has a badly photoshopped face pasted into it. Here's the original .

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In an , perched atop a , a with an oversized tome upon her crossed legs gazes down at the viewer impassively. Our only window to her inner emotions is a glint in her eye... Oh, and perhaps we can infer something from the fact she's completely .

looking as she in . Must be a gripping tale. She hasn't noticed that her have climbed up one cheek.

A completely , lies on her belly, on a wooden floor.

Everytime I see this, I think, "Gosh, I hope there are no splinters on that floor."

A in a gauzy smock reads a book outside. She is also a woman as she is lying under a sprinkler. She doesn't seem concerned about getting , so, uh, maybe the book is waterproof?

Word of the day: : Sexually aroused by intellect.

Alexandra Misharina has a face, but I question the judgment of the photographer (Sergei Olshevskii). First: why ? women are better naked. Second, why pose her with a she seems in ? It makes her look less intelligent, not more.

While I don't consider myself sapiosexual, appearing a bit dim is never a good look for a model.

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