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A holds a to her crotch, splitting its pages with her fingers as if they were lips.

. A young with and . The she holds open tells us she has . Her shirt, that she has lovely .

Avery1997 kneels on the kitchen counter. It's been said that "A 's place is in the , and ." While I don't hold with that, I won't stand in the way of a woman who chooses that for herself.

More Judith Bedard. In general, if you can count the of a , or any for that matter, then she's likely malnourished. While I like , I think if I could do anything I wanted with , the first thing I'd do is her.

CAUTION: Mind Control Cap may cause loss of affect, judgment, willpower, and inhibitions. Do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence of Mind Control Cap. Do not question Mind Control Cap. Mind Control Cap knows best. Always obey Mind Control Cap. (Stacy Martin)


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