One final photo from Ana Marie ,

'Donna nel vento di toscana - Foto estive nella campagna Toscana'

'Woman in the Wind of Tuscany.
Summer photos of the Tuscan countryside.'

, , ,

Ana Marie ,

Okay, there are no "hills" in this picture, only . Hope you weren't disappointed. 😉

Ana Marie ,
"Between the Rocks: Atlantic Rocks & Woman"

Here we see Ana Marie scrambling over rocks by the seaside.

Ana Marie ,
"Comice Sui Seni: Luce naturale dallálto"
"Comice on Breasts; Natural Light from Above"

I'm not sure what "Comice" means. I believe she is comparing her to Comice pears, which are similarly shaped. Anybody speak ?

Ana Marie ,
"Donna Senze Veli: Foto in autoscato"
" Revealed (without veils): "

, , .

A dear friend told me that the difference between "being naked" and "being nekkid" is that when you're , you have no clothes on; When you're , you have no clothes on and you really ought to! I believe the latter is what Ana Marie is intending for this photo "without veils".

Ana Marie in "Auto Piacere" ("Self Pleasure").

One hand pulls up her shirt to squeeze her , the other dives into her to stroke her (Italian for ).

"Auto Erotismo: L'amore ha tante forme"
("Self eroticism: Love has many forms").

Ana Marie demonstrates this fact by taking a picture of herself . Her middle finger spreads her open, her point upward, her shame is nowhere to be seen. She looks like a statue of .

Another of Ana Marie 's . In this one, she's placed a between her and colored it verdant green. Naturally, this one is entitled .

An named Ana Maria takes photos of herself and posts them on her account: .

This one, of a cock squirting semen into her mouth, is entitled "Sexplicito".

, , ,

A final photo of by . In the tub, Brittany arches her back as she swings her , golden tresses overhead. She is facing upward, with parted, red and eyes closed. She looks lusciously kissable.

snaps a couple candids of in a white night gown before dunking her in a bathtub (see next photos).

Nearly a decade ago, did a photoshoot with model .

In the first two photos, Brittany is a golden , with mysterious , the bluest of jeans, and .

[Sidenote: I apologize that the photo with the yellow chair is under a megapixel. If someone has a better version, please let me know. I'm uploading all other images in this series at 17MP, minimum, so they should be as good as whatever Sinblr can handle.]

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