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Here's a couple ones where are inexplicably sets and men are turning their .
(Photographers: Bartha Piekaerts, Belgium and Polo D, Thailand)

A photo of a stripping off her shirt. Her head and arms are still covered. Her body is dynamically bent with the action. She is on .

This is one of my favorite erotic poses in everyday life: briefly a woman has made herself , , and .

[Side note: The photographer, Kei Uesughi, originally paired the picture with a plant bent in a similar way. I have split them into two images so that Sinblr won't lower the resolution too dramatically.]

A final photo by Petr Zizak. A stands on a railway trestle, but for an overcoat. I believe the model is Tereza, again.

Model: Tereza
Photographer: Petr Zizak
Camera: hasselblad 500C / M - planar 80 / 2.8
Eyes: One
: One
Pants: None

"Target" featuring Vicki, photographed by Petr Zizak (panpexeso) circa 2011.

And now... for something completely different.

Some of my favorite images of shot by Czech photographer Petr .

Here's one last from my connoisseur collection of images.

While this has and is surrounded by a good collection of , I'm not sure if I should be turned on or laughing. Both?

Hit reply to let me know your thoughts on this picture or the series in general. Should I post more in this genre?

have been recognized for their strange for decades at the least, if not centuries, as seen in this fifty year old pulp entitled, .

A studies up on the Kama Sutra while sitting in an unusual pose.

Her thighs are behind her shoulders and the books is held low, as if she is consuming it with her rather than her eyes. She appears flexible enough to actually handle some of the more advanced sexual positions.

Photo by (I believe) Petr Zizak.

The book "La Inversion Sexual" is a one-handed-read for this .

One kneels amid the piles of she has surrounded herself with.

Another, rests from her , reclining among her books.

When have more than they can carry, they start piling up on the floor.

Here we have an attractive contemplating what other books to pull from the shelves. She already has several around her feet.

Another has found a large number of books to and neatly stacked them in a .

Is it possible for a to be too ? Here we see among large .

I'm not sure who the models are, but I believe the one standing on the Kik-Step was photographed by Erica Simone.

and and . Some of my favourite attributes in a . I believe this is "Milana B." in a photoshoot called "Book of Secrets"

Oh yeah, another difference I just noticed: one of the pictures has a badly photoshopped face pasted into it. Here's the original .

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