A final photo of by . In the tub, Brittany arches her back as she swings her , golden tresses overhead. She is facing upward, with parted, red and eyes closed. She looks lusciously kissable.

snaps a couple candids of in a white night gown before dunking her in a bathtub (see next photos).

Nearly a decade ago, did a photoshoot with model .

In the first two photos, Brittany is a golden , with mysterious , the bluest of jeans, and .

[Sidenote: I apologize that the photo with the yellow chair is under a megapixel. If someone has a better version, please let me know. I'm uploading all other images in this series at 17MP, minimum, so they should be as good as whatever Sinblr can handle.]

Now a couple from Doug Ross of Ireland that appear to be of .

In the first, a sits on a pier, save for a of bights and a veil of muslin. She holds a Raggedy Ann doll, chained to a bucket. One hand is posed to drop the bucket. The other has covered the doll's eyes.

In the second, a woman lies expressionless on a desk. Her eyes stare forward, almost closed. Her body holds open an ancient city map which a is taking a, well..., gander at. She is pointing to a location on the map. Given the woman's glazed expression, it is likely the bird is a prince with the body of a gander and she is a princess with the brains of a .

Here's a couple ones where are inexplicably sets and men are turning their .
(Photographers: Bartha Piekaerts, Belgium and Polo D, Thailand)

A photo of a stripping off her shirt. Her head and arms are still covered. Her body is dynamically bent with the action. She is on .

This is one of my favorite erotic poses in everyday life: briefly a woman has made herself , , and .

[Side note: The photographer, Kei Uesughi, originally paired the picture with a plant bent in a similar way. I have split them into two images so that Sinblr won't lower the resolution too dramatically.]

A final photo by Petr Zizak. A stands on a railway trestle, but for an overcoat. I believe the model is Tereza, again.

Model: Tereza
Photographer: Petr Zizak
Camera: hasselblad 500C / M - planar 80 / 2.8
Eyes: One
: One
Pants: None

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