I hope that Humblr is not really sunk.

I want to continue hoping that something can be done.

Whatever happens next, I'd guess NOW is a good time to speak out about the things that were good about Humblr.

I'd imagine NOW is a good time to capture feedback about what worked well -- and why -- in the Humblr community of refugees and others.

What do you think?

Anagnorisis means moment of clarity?

Sometimes it just happens -- I "get it" and I can't explain it, not even to myself.

Katharsis means the end of the tragedy?

After I seem to "get it" in a superficial way, I begin to figure out what I didn't understand; and in the process of explaining to myself, somehow a kind of catharsis happens.

Does it work this way for you, too?

Tireseius was the prophet that told Oedipus his fate, right?

Hamartia means, "tragic mistake?"

Sometimes a mistake is just that -- a mistake, a mis-step, an error, nothing more

Hubris means excessive pride?

Sometimes hubris makes a small mistake more than it was -- amplifying consequences

Red pubic hair + arms crossed = TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It)?

Red pubic hair + thumb pushing cock away from torso

Red pubic hair + WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), right?

Red pubic hair + POV looking down from the top of his head to his stretched out toes

Red pubic hair + POV looking up from his open thighs

Red pubic hair + searching for a red fox in the woods, maybe? What do you think?

Red pubic hair + hips turned away slightly, ginger crotch stands out against a yellow ochre background

Red pubic hair + 69ing draws our eyes to his fire crotch, right?

Red pubic hair + holding his cock in a way I've never seen before, never imagined -- no meaningful significance to this, but still, it's new to me

What I'm doing here is complicated. This collection of images of men with red hair is teaching me in ways I couldn't have known when I started.

What I'm doing is a little bit like this GIF of a guy and his bales of hay, except that he's talking all the time and I'm not -- not yet. That's the point.

Our GIF guy seems to have a plan in mind, a strategy, as so do I. But the reasons which inform what he and I are doing aren't made clear. That's okay, right?

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