When she’s big enough to tease
Then she’s big enough to please

Now fucking suck him properly slut
Then he is going to fuck that cunt like he owns it

Your girlfriend just loves babysitting for your auntie Jackie and uncle Marty
They always insist she sleeps over and yet she is so tired the next day

When you owe these guys money you pay up
They gangfuck your princess
You didn’t pay
So she did

Your wife just stood there and allowed him to fuck her up the ass right in front of you

It’s a shame the love of your life is such a little slut
To the lads she is just cheap and they simply send her home after dumping their loads into her

Your wife always seems so knackered after the company meetings
Then you find this vid on her phone and realise why

You watch as your boss’s secretary walks your wife into his bedroom
She looks back and says
Don’t wait up baby as I don’t think il be much use to you after they have finished with me

After your wife let the lads tie you up and then all gang fuck her in both holes
She made you eat her used cum filled ass out as they watched

You got a vid from your boss saying
Your wife will not be home for a few days as me and my wife are enjoying using her as our sex slave

You could see her pussy lips being dragged around by his fat cock

Get it all down that fucking slutty throat bitch
The words from your boss as he used your princess

When your slutty princess returns from being used by your dad and makes you clean her used pussy out
She moans oh god tell me you taste him honey as she cums

After your girlfriend had had
Nothing in your bed could stretch her anymore apart from the bed knobs
Your cock was useless to her

The night started with your girlfriend joking with your auntie Jackie about eating pussy
It ended with her drunk and eating out auntie Jackies dirty cunt right in front of
Damn how you wanked watching it


You thought you’d finally win a bet with your girlfriend when you dated her to suck off your dad while he slept
Until she sent you this vid while you were at work
She even swallowed his
Lot the dirty slut

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