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Happy Valentine's Day from mommy ❤️ available half price in 4K today only on my Manyvids and OnlyFans

Twitter vids don't have the best bitrate, but the vid is 4K on my OnlyFans and Manyvids ^^ (half price to subscribers!)

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The video accompanying my cabin in the woods photoset is up for subscribers and on my clip store now 💕 It's super comfy!

Reasons to join my (18+) Discord ASAP
1. The 100% unique Shiri emote set
2. Soon iOS users won’t be able to join NSFW servers anymore without a pc
3. Uh, the lewds?

It didn’t crosspost correctly so I’m reposting. I cosplayed @[email protected] ‘s OC “Joelle” cosplaying Velma

the ratio on these tweets has me worried i fooled myself 🤡

yes, unfortunately me being a femboy means you’re all gay now. I don’t make the rules 🤷

RT @[email protected]

@[email protected] Does this makes me gay now?


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