Rules are rules!

Always follow the traffic signs.

Julie was right. Yoga really did feel different and more energized in the nude.

But when they were almost finished and Julie straddled Tammy the energy spiked even further. Tammy could feel the heat from Julies sex against her tummy and she returned the passionate kiss without hesitation.

She had been instructed to train her edging using the big vide. The one that would get her to cum so very quickly every time.

She was kind of excited and nervous now. And so very wet already. It would be so very easy just to tense a bit and...

...and no, no, no! She forced herself to tear the vibe away from herself as her pussy pulsed and clenched all by itself. It felt empty and wierd. Was that an orgasm? Or not really?

She still had a lot to learn.

A nice shave, a summer dress and no panties underneath. Gently caressed all over by the breeze.

Summer might just be the best season.

Early day today, but don't worry. You will get your's later on @DappledTigress !

I love to see you like this, Tiger. Breathing hard and heavy. Struggling not to cum yet.

So aroused that you might come by just tensing up too much.

Stay floating in that space close to the edge and keep it going.

Make me hard and proud.

Such a good girl!

That glorious moment when it's all the way in and you can start slowly moving in and out...

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