Sure he is clumsy but I guide him to the right hole with my hand. He does okay from there.

Padme is already wet from playing around in the meadow. Anikan gently vibrates her favorite parts with jedi mind power. Not yet aware he is stimulating her she imagines being held down and filled by Anakin. The idea of having magic children by Anakin pops into her mind.

Hey Annie, Is that a sword in your pocket or are you raising a compliment for the queen?

Oh what a naughty boy. Is this a Jedi mind fuck? It feels like you are already in there, happy, eager and pumping away like we were lovers and you have been a way a long time.

And so, there in the meadow, queen Amadalla spread wide to admit Anikan's purple throbbing flesh sabre. Stimulated both physically and with Jedi mind power she was soon quivering and throbbing, milking his baby starter juice completely

He thought he was the master in charge until he discovered the power of the throbbing pussy that milked him dry.

OH WOW Annie, we were great. I'm still shaking and throbbing a little.

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